STUBC Week 8: Let’s Reflect

Eight weeks have passed, and now is the time to reflect on my blog. This year, I made fifteen blog posts. I also had eighteen comments. For the most part I have enjoyed this challenge. It was hard at times but overall, I learned a lot. I do not plan on continuing blogging outside of school. I would do it as an assignment if assigned.

STUBC Week 7: Holidays And Festivities

This weeks theme is, Festivities and Holidays! I am going to write about one of my favorites, Christmas.


Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! I like Christmas because , I get to see many members of my family that I don’t usually see. Each family has different traditions on this holiday. Some more serious than others. Our family has a tradition to give a dinner to a family in need. We also have a scavenger hunt and of course, have to find the pickle in the tree!

STBUC Week 6: Emojis

This week’s challenge is all about emojis.  I chose to code my own emoji. I used the program, Made With Code. I was surprised on how easy it was to make this. My favorite thing when making this was how many options there were to express.  I liked how many skin tones there were.

STUBC Week 5: Music

This week’s challenge is music! I chose to do task eight. I decided to make my own music! I like to explore new websites, and what the worldwide internet has to offer.  I use a website called, Chrome Music Lab to make my song. I am familiar with this website, because I used it in class one time. It is very fun and easy, plus it makes a very cool song.  Check my song out here! I would love for you to take a listen!

GRA Chapter 31-37

In language arts class, we are reading The Bridge Home.  I am going to answer question two. In this post, I will talk about a sacrifice that I made for someone else. In the book, Viji made the sacrifice of her dog. She wanted to help her sister and get medicine for her.

I have made many sacrifices for my family. One time my dad needed some extra help on the farm and I had a test the next day and lots of homework.  I decided to help him because I knew that it would make my dad happy. I did not have time to study or do any homework. This relates to what Viji did because she sacrificed something to help someone else. Viji knew this was the right thing to do.  Both Viji in the book, and me in real life knew sacrificing something for someone else’s good was the right thing to do.

STUBC Wk 4 Task 2: Free Choice

One of the ideas for week four is, to have a family member write a guest post on your blog. I asked my Aunt Cherie if she would be interested in doing this.  She lives in north western Iowa. Cherie teaches middle school social studies.

My name is Cherie and I am in my 29th year of teaching middle school social studies.  Natalie is my niece and she requested a post for her blog.  So here it goes, just wondering if other middle school teachers are struggling to get students to turn in homework assignments.  There are some days where a fourth of the class doesn’t have their homework done.  Is this a problem across Iowa and the rest of the world for middle school students?  Are our expectations too high that as teacher we expect homework to be completed on time?  Should the consequences be more severe than just losing points on the late assignment?


GRA Chapter 23-30

The past seven chapters of The Bridge Home have been very enjoyable.  Our teacher has us make connections to the book. We had three different things to make connections to, text-to-world, text-to-self, and text-to-text.  I made six connections in these chapters. The one I am going to share is, “we are not beggars. We are homeless  children, but believe in working for our money not reciting it.” I chose to make my connection to, text-to-world.

When I go to bigger cities to see my family, there are lots of homeless people. I feel bad for them. Most of them don’t beg, because they know they are not going to get any money.  Some of them have signs that say they “lost their job yesterday” or something like that. The characters in the book have no interest in begging for money.  I agree with them.  I don’t like to be given money, but I like to work for it.

GRA Chapters 16-22

I am going to complete task 3. I will write a letter to  a character to write a letter to another character (or even someone NOT in the novel).  I am going to write in Viji’s point of view to Amma.

Dear Amma,

I miss you so much. We have found some friends that help us make money. Every day we go to the Himalayas to pick up trash. We get money from the trash and use it to make food. I met a very nice women at the tea shop. She gave Rukku beads. Rukku likes to sell necklaces. We made a lot of money off of the necklaces. After the runaway, Rukku has been a whole new person.  She laughs multiple time a day. I think that this was the best move for us. Both me and Rukku are happy.

I still love you,



STUBC Week Two- Connecting Through Comments

I chose to make a video.  I used a program called Camtasia.  I learned to use this when I was the editor for the student news.  I like to edit videos and make fun backgrounds. I also like doing graphic design. I used Canva for the visuals in the video. One thing I learned while making this video, is how to put transitions into Camtasia.

Here is the link to my video! Enjoy!